Spain in euro cup semifinal

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Spain in euro cup semifinal
Spain in Semifinal
Celebration of his 100th international match, defending champion Alonso of Spain's two-goal star striker Jabbi brought the team observed in the semifinals. Alonso from Spain to France 2-0 in the double knockout easily entered the semifinals where he will face Portugal. Alonso Euro Cup, the second player who played his 100th international match. Half the pleasure in the spectacular goal he celebrated hitting.

Alonso of Spain 1-0 in the 19th minute from the edge of the field goals and the first half was the same score. In the first minute of injury time penalty Olonso the change in goal gave Spain victory. World champion Spain won the country's long-term memory in football history.

Spain Euro Cup, played against France could not win a single match in five. The world's best big tournaments in Spain, where Difenderon eighth consecutive victory without a goal conceded that in itself is history. Spain's goalkeeper Iker Kasilas this match only once in the French invasion, had to struggle to prevent the goal. Spanish team dominated the rest of the match.

Spain dominated the match for more than half, keeping the ball in his possession. Despite their star striker Fernando Torres to rest there was no reduction in the tone of Spain and France continued attacks he did not recover.

France won the tournament only one host and the Ukrainians managed to find his way on the weak side is not good enough. French fans were the last World Cup team after recovering from the disastrous collapse would be positive but it could not be performed and France had to return empty-handed.

We maintained good control over the match from start to finish. Kasilas then barely had time to work. The next match is important that we are ready with new vigor.